Penis Pumps – Things to Know About Penis Enlargers


As the name suggest this pump is used for penis of a man. The main idea behind these pumps is to let the man experience a better erection for a sexual intercourse. As the usage of this pump became popular over time, men get to know about the other benefits of the pumps as well. As a result they are now really eager to know more about this penis extender device.

Pumping in this case basically means applying vacuum to a body part. The penis pump is consists of two parts:

  • Pump
  • Cylinder

Other than these two parts you need lubricant and constriction band too, these products generally come along with the penis pump kit.

The pump can be either manually or electrically driven. Cylindrical tube takes in and pumps only the penis.

There are few aspects on which the cylinder can differ from the other. These are the base, wall of the cylinder, top and diameter of the cylinder. Other than these two the last thing which you need is the lubricant which is applied on your penis as well as on the base of the cylinder. The benefits from these lubricants are easy insertion in to the cylinder, easy stretching of penis and for the tighter seal.

MaxMedix penis enlargement pump is one penis extender which posses all the qualities of an effective penis pump.

Importance of cylinder size in a penis extender

One of the very important parts of penis pump is the cylindrical tube. Suppose if the pump you ordered is having very small penis cylinder then what would you do? No other solution than to replace the pump.

It is always better to gather some information on the cylinder as well. You should always select the cylinder which is 1/4 inches greater in diameter of your erect penis. This difference in the tube will help you to gain an optimal balance between the expansion spaces. If you select cylinder with more space than this then you may not get the appropriate and satisfying result which you wanted always.

How pumping works

The basic idea behind the pumping is to increase the blood flow in the penile region. Most of the times the reason behind the erection problems is the poor blood flow.

When you start pumping the vacuum gets created around the penis, which draws in the blood to the penis.

There are two kinds of gains in the size which you can get with the pump. First one is temporary which involves the immediate enlargement which you get after using the penis pump. And with the continuous usage of penis pump over time you can get the permanent enlargement as well.

How to use penis pump properly?

One of the most important factors while using penis pumps is to use them properly. You should always read the instructions carefully before using them.

Below are some of the general instructions which you should follow before using it:

  • Apply some lubricant on the penis as well as on the tip of cylindrical tube for the easy insertion of the penis.
  • Slowly insert your penis in the tube.
  • Start pumping your penis this will create a vacuum around the penis and the blood draws in the penis
  • After using it for a while stop pumping and slowly slip in the constriction band to the penis base. This is done to maintain the erection.

You can use penis pump for about 10 minutes a day. The constriction band should not be worn in for more than 30 minutes. It is best to use this penis pump prior to sex. You can also enjoy this device as a sex toy for individual pleasure. The vibrating mechanism for this penis pump makes it ideal for an eternal sexual pleasure.

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